Wood Fence Maintenance Tips

Denver fence company wood fence maintenance tips include regular cleaning, treatment and painting. Wood is an extremely good material, with excellent properties and beautiful aspect, but being a natural material it is subject to rot, pest attack and degradation. Regular maintenance will ensure that you will not have to replace your fence too soon.

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For a good adhesion of the substances you are going to  use to treat the wood, you must clean the fence with water and detergent and then power wash the fence again. Depending on the condition of the boards, you may also need to consider sanding some of them, even if it means for you to spend more time with this maintenance work than you have anticipated. Sanding helps to remove the scratches and the roughness caused by the moisture and allows the varnish/ paint layer to adhere better on the wooden surface. The procedure also has an aesthetic effect: it reveals the natural striations of the wood.

Once you have sanded the fence, do not forget to power wash it one more time and allow it to dry completely before moving to the final maintenance operation: treating the fence boards with several substances that have the role of protecting it from the weather and the action of the pests and to give it an impeccable appearance. The fence will last longer if you use a solution against mildew, then a primer and finally a protective varnish/ paint.