Deciding on the Right Spacing for Your New Fence

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The distance between your fence posts is just as important for the proper fence design as the material or the style that you choose for your fence. Here is how to determine the most suitable fence spacing:

  • The general rule – most fences use spacing of 8-12 feet between the posts, but the correct spacing depends on the type of fence, the purpose it serves, the composition of the ground and the climate conditions. Fences made from high tensile strength materials can be built leaving more distance between posts, while the fences located in harsh climate areas need posts placed closer to each other;
  • Terrain and weather conditions – the quality of the soil will also determine Arvada fencing post spacing. Fencing installed into loose soil may need posts spaced more tightly to prevent exposing the fence to too much stress. Fences located in windy and stormy regions also need tighter spacing to be able to face the harsh weather;
  • Fence style – the style of your fence will also influence the spacing. Designs that feature horizontally mounted components between the posts are more stable, therefore they can be built with larger spacing. There are fence designs, such as picket fences, that look better if the space between the posts is tighter.

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How to Talk To Your Neighbor Before Installing A Fence

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Installing a fence to delimit your property may seem simple at first sight – after all, you only need to come up with an attractive design that is suitable for the purpose of the fence, buy the materials, dig holes for the poles and install the fence. While this is true, in essence, there is one more very important step to cover before you even start designing the fence and that is to talk to the owners of the properties next to yours about your intention to build a fence. Here are some tips about how to do it right:

residential fencing Denver

  • Discuss all the issues related to the territory to be fenced around – your fence should be installed on your property, but it should come right up to the property limit;
  • If there is an old fence around your property, discuss how, when and on whose money it will be removed;
  • Inform your neighbor about how and when the installation process will take place; Let them know you have hired one of the best residential fencing Denver companies to take care of the service.
  • Be polite – strictly speaking, you don’t need the permission of your neighbor to put up a new fence on your territory, but discussing the project in an open and polite manner can only improve the relationship with your neighbors.

Trends in Residential Fencing Materials

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Your fence is probably more than a barrier that separates your property from the surrounding plots of land and from the street in front of your home – the fence needs to play a protective as well as an aesthetic role. While the safety provided by your fence depends on the its sturdiness and height, its aesthetic function is governed by design. Here are some of the latest trends in Brighton fence design that you can use for making a modern fence:

  • Green fences – climbing plants can transform any fence into an attractive, organic component of your property. If you decide to start a green fence, be prepared that you will have to wait for at least a year to get a nice fence, but the effort is surely worthwhile;
  • Multicolored fences – you can buy vinyl panels designed especially for mixing colors and create your own, special and unique fence design;
  • Combining materials – wood panels fastened with elaborate metal stripes that play an ornamental role, too or fences that are made from stone or brick on the bottom and from iron or wood on the top are also very trendy fence solutions;
  • Horizontal panels and wood boards – the fences that use panels or boards installed horizontally, rather than vertically are very popular, too.

Brighton fence design

The Trend of Horizontal Fences

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The horizontal wood fence trend is everywhere now. It seems to have been borrowed from mid century modern designers, who preferred horizontal planes and clean severe lines as an easy way to create an original visual effect and make something rather old look new.

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Horizontal fences are praised for the protection and privacy they add to any outdoor living space; this aspect adds value to a property. They can be designed with no gaps between pickets or with a semi-private design, which allows partial visibility.

Horizontal Arvada fencing designs do not require any extra labor. The installation process mirrors the traditional fence installation, which involves digging holes for the posts and having the panels locked into place.

The cut sets the scene

Your horizontal fence can be made of different materials, the most popular being rough lumber and smooth lumber planks. The chosen material will dictate the style of the fence, as well as its finished aspect. Rough lumber is great if you want to provide your fence a sturdy, rustic look; on the other hand, smooth lumber planks are thinner and sanded for a silkier texture.

Horizontal fences make the property or the yard look bigger, so they can be used strategically any time you want to put an emphasis on the outdoor space, while also keeping the design simple and linear, suitable for a modern property.

Why Might You Need A Custom Fabricated Fence

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Custom fences, whether made from wood or metal, such as cast iron or aluminum, are great for getting the privacy and security that you are looking for as well as for delimiting your property in a stylish and unique way. Here are the most benefits of custom fences:

  • Personalized security – no two properties are the same and no two property owners have the exact same take on security. Pre-manufactured fences, however, are all the same, therefore only custom fabricated fences can guarantee that all your specific, security-related expectations are met;

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  • The availability of custom gates – Westminster fencing offers customized gate options, making sure that your access solution will be the most suitable for your property and will suit your tastes as well;
  • More durability – custom fences are usually more resistant to the elements and more durable than premade solutions. Custom fences are also more expensive, but given the longer lifespan of the fence, the investment is well worth it;
  • Special design solutions available – the makers of custom fences can execute the client’s own design or they can create a unique design based on the client’s instructions, so custom fences are the best way to confer your property unique curb appeal.

What Is The Expected Cost Of A Fence?

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We cannot provide a definitive answer to this question and the reason is simple: the price of a fence varies according to the materials you choose, the contractor you hire for installation and how much fence you need.

When it comes to materials, you have different choices: wood, metal (aluminum, forged iron, steel, chain link), vinyl or brick. Each material has different properties and functions.  Brick fences ensure privacy and are soundproof, steel fences are used for protecting enclosures, while forged iron fences are used rather as decorative elements.

The prices vary greatly. Chain link fences are cheaper but they are used mostly in agriculture and industry, metal fences are expensive, while wooden fences cost a lot in terms of labor. Currently, the material providing the best quality-price ratio is vinyl.

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Hiring a Brighton fence company specialist to install your fence will have a cost, but you can be sure that it will be built to last. You can save it by doing a DIY project, but this is not recommended unless you have some experience in what you are doing otherwise you risk losing even more money.

You must also calculate how much fencing you need. Its length influences the installation and the amount of materials. Obviously, a longer fence will be more expensive.

Making the Best Choice When Buying a Fence with Your Pets in Mind

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Pets need a lot of care and consideration, and to say that some people build their entire home with their pets in mind is no understatement. However, sometimes it’s not only a good idea, but it can even become completely necessary to choose elements of your property according to the pets you own. Your fence is essential in this case, not only to keep your animals from running away, but for safety purposes as well. Look to a pet-friendly Arvada fence company to help you choose the fence that works best for your pets and property.

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A tall enough fence with fewer gaps is essential if you own a dog, even if your dog doesn’t have the habit of jumping too high or biting anyone. Just the risk that the dog could jump to freedom and bite them can cause some people to avoid your house entirely and even give you a hostile look or two.

It’s also important to make sure that people can feed your pets if you’re away from home. So choosing a wood or metal fence that has at least a few small gaps is also essential.

Finally, a pet-friendly fence will also keep your pets from hurting themselves and each other. Smooth surfaces and a lack of rough edges or strident colors should be considered more carefully for this purpose, regardless of whether you plan to create your own fashion statement, or you might be aiming to maintain your privacy at all costs.

Common Problems Seen in DIY fences

Some construction projects, such as raising a fence, can be done by yourself, if you have some basic skills. However, if you want to be sure the result will be as you planed it, you must first go through some stages. Choosing inadequate or low quality materials and digging an incorrect foundation are two of the most common problems seen in DIY fences.

You did not choose the right materials

An important tip to avoid making this mistake is to look for materials according to your house`s style.  The functionality and durability of the materials is also important, so make sure to have your residential fence company choose the best option that fits in your budget.vinyl fencingAlthough wood is a very popular material, a wood fence requires regular maintenance to have a long lifespan. On the other hand, stone and brick are much more resistant, but they require more building effort. A practical solution is to have your residential fence company install vinyl fencing.

The foundation does not have enough depth

A correct foundation is the base of a strong fence, so you have to take into account some aspects when you start digging it. The foundation must have about 50 cm depth, and the width of the trench should be between 30 and 40 cm.

At the same time, it is important to know that not all types of fence need foundation. For example, in the case of a wired mesh fence, the galvanized pillars can be fixed directly into the ground, which simplifies the building process.


Dog Windows That Work with Your Fence

Dogs just love to stick their heads out between the posts of the fence to see what is going on in the neighborhood and they are constantly searching for a way to see through the fence even if it is made from some solid material. Dog windows are great inventions that can be easily installed into any type of fence – here are a few of the features they offer:
– Appearance and size – ready-made dog windows are nowadays available in most stores that sell construction materials. They come in many style variations, from windows that resemble the circular portholes on ships to wood-framed windows that use wire mesh instead of glass, so you can probably find the style that suits your fence style. If you have checked all the dog windows sold in the stores and you still don’t find the perfect fit, you can easily create your own window as well;
– Size and positioning – the position of the dog window should be determined based on the size of the dog and his favorite place for peering through the fence. The window should be large enough to offer the dog a wide viewing angle, but not large enough for the dog to climb through. A creative Arvada fence company may be able to give you some unique ideas regarding how to create a special pet window within your current fencing.
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Does My Pool Need A Fence?

swimming pool safety
Taking a splash in the pool in your yard or in your back garden is an excellent way to cool down in the summer heat and a pool is a great addition that will entertain your friends as well. However, swimming pools pose a constant risk of accidents, that’s why most areas in the country have very strict regulations regarding the safety measures that pool owners need to take care of, including the installation of a fence or of a device that permits the closing of the pool.
The fences that need to be installed around pools need to comply with strict regulations as well – here are some key issues:
– The fence must not have gaps that are wide enough for a toddler to climb through;
– The fence must not have any foothold that permits climbing through;
– The fence should be at least 1.2 m tall, with clearance from the ground that does not exceed 100 mm;
– The fence must be sufficiently strong to resist the attempts of a child to force a gap into it;
– The welds of fence need to be strong enough to resist really heavy knocks.
The regulations that pool fences must comply with might be regionally different, so make sure you consult a
child proof pool Denver fence companies expert before you start designing your fence.