Curious Home Improvement Facts: Where Did the White Picket Fence Idea Come from?

white picket fence
The concept of a white picket fence is certainly not a new one. The term “picket” dates back to the 1600s, and has its origins in the french word “piquer” which means “to pierce.” The piercing appearance of the pointy shape of the picket is, therefore, aptly named.

White picket fences in and of themselves have been around far longer than most people imagine. More precisely, they have been used since the early colonial days in American history. Also, when the Revolutionary War hit, these types of fences became even more popular because of their simple design, ease of installation and practical construction.

This type of installation, however, has been found in other areas in Europe as well. It has originated in medieval times, and that’s where the idea for the American white picket fence design came from. Medieval palings made from flat strips of wood found locally were a common source of inspiration.

In the case of American cedar picket fences, the price of the fence was usually much higher than the price of other types of fences or fencing materials. This was because the cedar had to be carried in from faraway locations, which also made the journey more dangerous and the wood itself more valuable.

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