Design Options for Commercial Gates

Slide gates, custom gates, swing gates, these are but a few examples of the many options for your commercial gates’ design. No matter your industry field, a good, solid gate is essential for the prosperity of your business and the safety of your employees.

Brighton fence company industrial gates

Swing gates can be an excellent idea for businesses that need to have restricted access and perimeter security. Such gates can be made of structural steel, chain link or solid aluminum. The type of businesses which usually employ this design may include manufacturing facilities, farms, equestrian activities, and so on.

Slide gates can be used for areas where swing gates cannot. Again, there is a wide variety of materials to choose from, including aluminum, steel or chain link. Slide gates can be suited for large openings and can be used for mostly any type of climate.

Brighton fence company security gates can be necessary for parking areas also. There can be fully meshed gates or open picket, depending on the exact design you may want for your commercial property. Such gates are usually built for condominiums, office buildings, etc. Security gates offer both good visibility and extra protection, so you can rely on this type of product for your commercial building.