Do I Have to Paint My Side of the Neighbors’ Fence?

In general, you own the left side of a fence, the right side belonging to your neighbor. This is still valid, no matter on which side of the fence you are.

In most cases, neighbors tend to agree on this issue, so if the right side of a fence is looking old and shabby, you should be permitted to put it in a better condition. This, of course, in case you do not want to make too drastic changes regarding the color or other details about the type of materials you want to use for painting or re-staining the right side of your fence.

The law allows you to build another wall in front of your neighbor’s fence, with the condition not to exceed the height of the previous fence. In general, it should not exceed 6 feet. But the downside of this option is that you lose a bit of space and, at the same time, you need to pay for fencing materials on that particular part of your fence.

Denver Metro Fence suggests working with your neighbor's to make decisions regarding shared fences

No matter what you finally decide, in their experience, Denver Metro Fence contractors suggest that you should attempt to avoid disputes. Try to keep a polite and courteous tone, explaining to your neighbor the whole situation. It is always best to compromise and meet your neighbor halfway.