Fences Used to Protect Construction Sites

construction Westminster fencing

There are many question marks when it comes to what type of fence to consider when you must enclose a construction site. Questions are asked about what the law requires or the profitability of a certain fencing solution. So let’s talk a little about the most popular fences surrounding working sites.

The classic fence

The classic 6 foot fence is the most economical construction Westminster fencing solution, and because of this it is also the most popular. Its purpose is to prevent the passage from one side to another, protecting the people passing by from getting too close to the construction area.

For the sites within the cities, an opaque fence is required, in order to keep the specific disorder of a construction site inside the site.

Fences that can be heighten

The height of a fence surrounding a construction site is about 2 meters. For most sites, this height is sufficient, considering that it ensures adequate privacy and protection. However, there are special cases, when the site is on a steep terrain, and a height of more than 2 meters is required. Because it is expensive to invest in custom fences, there are some special models that can be heighten easily by adding a special panel at the top.

Noise barriers

In cities, to reduce the discomfort created by the noise on the site, a noise barrier may be necessary. This is achieved by adding a layer that absorbs the sound over the fence that surrounds the site.