How to Get Your Home Ready for a New Fence


A brand new fence can be a beautiful addition to your home as well as a genuine fashion statement. It can also help you keep your home safe from intruders and burglars. Regardless of why you want to get one, you’ll find that it’s highly important to properly prepare your home before you even start looking for a contractor. Once you do look for a contractor, know that Westminster fencing pros repair or replace and install all types of fences.

Westminster fencing

If you have a larger garden or any overgrown vegetation, and trees along the border of your grounds, it’s important to take proper care of them as well. Make sure you trim the vegetation and cut any large tree branches that could interfere with your new fence installation.

It’s also a good idea to prepare your house from an aesthetic standpoint. A new fence won’t look like much if it’s set against the background of a house that looks old and rundown. So make sure you repair or replace your roof, paint the exterior walls, or even get new siding if necessary. Livening up your garden and getting an outdoor kitchen can also work.

Finally, since installing a new fence is also a digging job, call 811 to contact your local utility experts before you get your contractor to start working. They will inspect your grounds and make sure to mark any utility lines such as electric wires, internet cords or gas pipes that might be running under your property and that would need to be avoided.