How to Install a Secure Iron Gate and Lock

Installing a robust gate lock can provide an additional barrier of safety. The main types of gate locks include: lift-master, smart locks, key locks, electronic or mechanic keyless devices, keyed latches and padlocks. Padlock daisy chaining in particular can be made by cutting a link in a chain (in order to secure the gate) and inserting a padlock in series. However, the best gate lock is the mortice deadlock which is ideal for iron gates because it provides a high level of security.

Thornton gate

Alternate methods of locking a gate include: keyed deadbolts, chains and keyed levers. All gate locking methods are to be installed externally.

According to leading Thornton gate security specialists, gate hardware is very different from door hardware, which is why gate bolts are essential for enhanced security. Moreover, bolts are specifically designed to secure gates.

An iron gate can be fitted in a few easy steps. In the case of gates with adjustable I-bolt hinges, it is necessary to attach the angle brackets to the I-bolts and, then, fit the I-bolts into the holes of the gate frame and, finally, position the gate properly after setting it up with a lock.

All in all, installing a secure iron gate and lock can be done in just a few steps by a professional or by the homeowner in case they decide to carry out an affordable DIY project.