Lightweight Commercial Gate Installation Challenges

The installation of a commercial gate provides many necessary security and access control advantages. However, the process of installation is not always straight-forward. Challenges arise due to the gate’s weight, installation requirements and materials, and electrical wiring configurations.

High weight

Commercial gates are often made of metal or metal alloy, which make them extremely heavy. This makes it difficult for a single person to install them without help from another person or lifting equipment. To ensure the gate is securely and safely installed, it is important to use proper support systems and assistance for the installation process.

Installation requirements

Many commercial gates require precise measurements to ensure it is correctly installed. To perfect this installation technique, knowledge of the property layout and construction is needed. This knowledge should include understanding of local building codes as well as aesthetic requirements of the gate. Although this is the responsibility of a professional, it is wise to ensure you are familiar with your property and what is needed, prior to installation.

Materials & electrical wiring

Building materials and rigging tools must also be taken into consideration. Gates must be securely fastened into place, and appropriate electrical connections and wiring must be done to ensure it works correctly. Again, this process should be done by a Metro Fence Westminster gate professional with knowledge and experience of installing a heavyweight commercial gate.

To ensure a safe and successful commercial Westminster gate installation , it is best to contact a Metro Fence professional and have them assess the property, measurements, wiring and materials that are needed. They will be able to effectively and efficiently install and configure the gate correctly, making your installation process effortless.