Popular Garden Irrigation Systems for Commercial Properties 

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Commercial properties are trying to blend function with visual appeal. This is beneficial both for employee morale and for boosting the brand image. This is why many commercial and office buildings have elaborate landscaping.

However, lawn, trees and other plants and vegetation need proper irrigation in order to maintain their green and fresh look all year round. This means that your company will have to install a garden irrigation system. There are two main types available:

  1. Spray Irrigation Systems

This is the most common type of irrigation systems. It uses a combination of nozzles – some fixed, some mobile – to spray a large surface. This type of irrigation is mostly recommended for lawns and open spaces. It does not work very well on small surfaces, as it could also spray the building and people walking on the sidewalk.

  1. Drip Irrigation System

A drip system or micro-irrigation system is the best choice for smaller gardens and for flower beds which need a specific watering schedule. Also, this irrigation method is more effective, because water is not lost through evaporation.

The best solution is to allow a Thornton fencing and landscaping specialist look at your garden and recommend the most efficient irrigation system for your commercial property.