Are Commercial Fences Harder to Install than a Residential Fence?

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There are several different fence options, depending on your exact needs. Each type of fence has its own characteristics and requirements.

For instance, most residences can benefit from fences made of aluminum panels. Such fences are ideal for yards, pool areas or gardens. Pool fences have certain specific requirements, which are generally influenced by local building codes. For instance, in order to comply with BOCA requirements, pool fencing systems must have at least 45 inches between their horizontal rails. Moreover, the gate needs to be at least 48 inches high.

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Commercial Metro Fence Arvada contractors say that, compared to residential fences, commercial fences are typically made of more resistant materials, while also having bigger pickets and rails. The main reason for building stronger fences for commercial properties derives from the fact that these properties usually involve heavy traffic. They need to last longer also.

Depending on the size and complexity of a commercial fence, it can certainly be harder to install and sometimes maintain than a residential one, but it undoubtedly is a worthy investment.

Fences that are built out of tough materials such as wrought iron or aluminum are among the hardest to install, regardless of their exact purpose. At the same time, wood and vinyl make the easiest to install fence options.

Where Do Most Fencing Materials Actually Come from and Why Is It Important?

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In the past, homeowners trying to install privacy or security fencing didn’t use to worry too much about where their fencing materials came from. They simply called up a contractor, established the details and pricing of the project, and had their new fences installed in a matter of days.

These days, due to the pandemic, things are very different. Lockdowns have lead to many people being interested in installing fences to increase their home privacy and security, creating a surge in demand. At the same time, last year’s limitations on international travel and imports have slowed the industry down considerably, leading a lot of the metal and lumber required for fencing to be delivered much too late.

Many fence products are imported from overseas and some (especially cedar and aluminum products) come from China, which explains a lot of the greater delays from last year that continue to impact the industry to this day.

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If you want to make sure that your fence will be set up on time, make sure to talk to Metro Fence Arvada contractors about the products they use and what alternatives you might have to those that have to be imported. If there’s a shortage in the particular material or product that you require, they should be able to inform you about it and suggest a good alternative.

Tips for Buying and Installing a New Fence with a Gate

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There are a number of things to consider before deciding on which type of fence with a gate you want for your home. For instance, there are several big differences between a fence which is built for keeping your dog inside your yard and one that has the purpose of blocking out unwanted noise.

At the same time, you should also be aware of the maintenance issues related to certain types of fences or gates. Maintenance depends on the type of material that you choose for your fence and gate, and also on the quality of that material.

The cost also plays an important role in your decision-making process while looking for the best fence and gate to build around your property. Talk to Arvada Metro Fence Company specialists at to determine costs and benefits of fence and gate solutions.

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Local rules and regulations certainly have a lot to say while you are taking this step, and you should get familiar with the legislation related to this subject before engaging in any fence installation process.

Acknowledging your neighbors is very important, too. You need to discuss things with them, in order to make sure you will not have problems after your fence and gate are already installed.

Climate is also a very important factor, determining the exact type of fence you can choose for your home.

The Complexities of Fence Etiquette – How to Avoid Neighbor Disputes

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You probably heard about the old issues with fence etiquette. In some scenarios, one person’s neighbor might complain that part of the fence was built on their property or that a tree that the fence was built around was actually not supposed to be considered on the fence owner’s property.

If you want to be a good neighbor and avoid any disputes, you’ll have to get informed and make sure you have the accurate information on where the boundary that separates one property from another actually is and whether or not a certain fence is on your property or theirs.

If you just bought your property, it’s a good idea to order a survey in order to find out exactly where the boundary is. Although a survey might cost somewhere between $500 and $1,000, it will not only solve any disputes about your fence but also help eliminate any potential future disputes and legal issues regarding your property’s boundaries as well – such as whose property did a tree fall on after being knocked down by a powerful storm.

Aside from finding out about the limits and boundaries between properties and respecting them, it’s also important to know about HOA rules and guidelines and respecting them. These rules will dictate the maximum height, width and the required and allowed maintenance tasks associated with your fence.

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When you are looking for fence installation or repair, make sure to request a quote from well known Metro Fence Arvada contractors.