The Complexities of Fence Etiquette – How to Avoid Neighbor Disputes

You probably heard about the old issues with fence etiquette. In some scenarios, one person’s neighbor might complain that part of the fence was built on their property or that a tree that the fence was built around was actually not supposed to be considered on the fence owner’s property.

If you want to be a good neighbor and avoid any disputes, you’ll have to get informed and make sure you have the accurate information on where the boundary that separates one property from another actually is and whether or not a certain fence is on your property or theirs.

If you just bought your property, it’s a good idea to order a survey in order to find out exactly where the boundary is. Although a survey might cost somewhere between $500 and $1,000, it will not only solve any disputes about your fence but also help eliminate any potential future disputes and legal issues regarding your property’s boundaries as well – such as whose property did a tree fall on after being knocked down by a powerful storm.

Aside from finding out about the limits and boundaries between properties and respecting them, it’s also important to know about HOA rules and guidelines and respecting them. These rules will dictate the maximum height, width and the required and allowed maintenance tasks associated with your fence.

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