Tips to Help You Landscape Along Your Fence Line

landscaping Thornton fencing

Landscaping can be a beautiful DIY activity that will be extremely rewarding in the long run, if done right. The following tips for landscaping along your Thornton fence line will help you not only make your landscaping more appealing, but also protect your fence from long term damage:

  • First, it’s important to know the type of fence you have and whether or not plants and water will affect it. A wooden fence can be affected easily by frequent watering, so you’ll have to either keep your plants farther away from it, or repaint and re-coat your fence as frequently as possible to avoid the coating coming off and the fence being attacked by rot and pests.
  • If you have chain link Thornton fencing, it’s important to clear your fence line of any types of plants, weeds or small trees. As they grow, they can get entangled in the chain link and they could even damage it over time.
  • In many cases, you can add trees and vines along the fence to make it look quite beautiful. The vines can climb up as they grow and set a wonderful landscaping scene that all your visitors will admire.
  • You can also consider adding planter boxes and various types of decorations that will spruce up the appearance of Thornton fencing as well as discouraging pets and children from playing too much around your fence.