Top Materials for Security Fencing

Security fencing is a type of structure used for the delimitation of a property that serves mainly practical purposes, such as privacy and the protection of the premises from intruders, the aesthetic role being of secondary importance. The materials used for building security fences need to be strong, durable and resistant to the elements – here are Thornton fence company top choices:

  • Timber fencing – these fences combine strong wood with even stronger steel frames and posts for enhanced durability. Timber fences can be styled to block the view from the exterior completely and their height can be customized to the requirements of the premises;
  • Metal fencing – metal is a strong and versatile material that is used for manufacturing various types of fences. The list of the types of Thornton fence company metal fences used for security is long, the most common being palisade fencing consisting of poles joined by metal connecting elements and used for building tall fences that form very durable defensive structures and apex railings with pegs that are not only durable, but also attractive;

Thornton fecnce company security fencing

  • Mesh fencing – fencing made from metal mesh is a great, economical solution that provides maximum security. There are lots of options when it comes to the density and the style of the mesh, allowing the owner of the propriety to choose the option that works best for the specific requirements of the propriety.