What are the Most Common Issues Homeowners have with Their Wood Fence?

A beautiful and properly maintained wood fence constructed by Arvada fence company professionals does not only add more beauty and charm to your living environment, but also adds more value to your home.

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In the case of wood fences, one of the most common issues homeowners usually have to deal with is the missing pickets or boards. Missing or deteriorated slats can be another problem that wooden fences may have. This type of issue can generally be caused by high winds or strong impacts. Dogs can also damage slats, if they keep pushing them.

Discoloration may also occur in the case of wooden fences. This can happen due to excessive moisture or rain and is usually very common. In order to fix this issue, one good idea may be to pain the fence in a darker color and give it a wooden shade. This can certainly help you mask any kind of discoloration to your fence. If the discoloration happened to a white wooden fence, the solution is to apply white-wash, which can help camouflage such defects.

Wood fences may also experience insect damage. You can solve this by removing the infested boards, in order to prevent the damage from spreading any further. You can treat the wooden fence with special insect repellent solutions.