What Are The Regulations Around Fence Installation

Building any type of fence anywhere you may want to can actually not be permitted by your local legislation. Thus, there are laws which are meant to protect the visual integrity and overall appearance of a certain area.

Fence building legislation has been around for years. So it is not something new and unfamiliar, but rather a common thing that all homeowners should be aware of and willing to observe.

Brighton fencing regulations

Because each area is different from another, laws may differ from city to city or state to state. Getting informed becomes mandatory. Talk to Brighton fencing regulation experts for detailed regulations in the Brighton area.

Despite of the many differences between one region to another, there are also a few constant themes regarding fence installation laws, including location, expenses, notification, but also the type and size of the fence.

For instance, you may want to know how far from the property line you can build your fence. Thus, in case you are sharing your line with another homeowner, you can build your fence directly on that property line. But if you share your property line with a public entity, then you may need to back off a little bit.

There even is such thing as a spite fence, meaning that a neighbor may want to build a fence just to annoy another neighbor. In this case, the wronged neighbor can make a Court appeal to stop the construction.