What Should You Ask When Hiring A Commercial Fencing Company?

When hiring a commercial fencing contractor, asking a few simple – but important questions during your initial chat can help you make the right choice. Make sure to prepare for the call and have your list of questions ready to ensure you avoid any misunderstandings and cover all your bases right from the start.

Metro Fence Company Westminster

According to Metro Fence Company Westminster  experts,  the key questions you should ask first and foremost should revolve around the estimated project timeline, costs, and whether the fencing company offers warranties for the work done (the reputable, trustworthy ones will). Once those are all sorted out, some other questions you may want to ask the company are:

  • Do you have insurance and licensing? (they typically do, but it never hearts to ask)
  • How long have you been in the industry for?
  • Will you be handling the project yourself or use a subcontractor?
  • How will you handle obstacles like trees, bushes, or rocks?
  • What type of fences do you install and what would you recommend for my property?
  • What materials do you use and how do you ensure they’re good quality?
  • Who will be responsible for getting any necessary permits needed for the project?
  • What fence height do you recommend for my particular property?
  • What does the installation process involve?