When is it too Cold to Paint a Fence?

The problem with cold weather is that it basically slows down the drying time for most paints. Because of that, painting in cold weather may require even more time before applying the re-coating layer, namely over 48 hours.

But the question is what happens when you paint when it is too cold outside? When temperatures fall into 50s or even lower, the problem is that they cannot dry properly, and this may result in plenty of damages and other unwanted consequences.

Of course, the maximum and minimum temperature for painting your fence depends on the exact products that you are using. But the general rule which applies is that paints can typically be applied at temperatures varying from 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Temperatures below 50 F can have a bad effect on paint and its application. To be more exact, paint cannot be applied smoothly or evenly at this temperature. There are many paint manufacturers specialized in paints which can be used a cold temperatures. Most of these products are rated for temperatures no lower than 34 degrees.

Surface temperature is essential. This can be determined with the help of infrared thermometers. Another good tip is to build a bubble around the area where you are about to paint the fence.

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