Wood Fencing Solutions for Aesthetic and Long Term Resilience

Like iron and vinyl, wood fencing can offer a unique aesthetic that will boost your home’s curb appeal and offer a great deal of other advantages in the long run. Unfortunately, wood is more prone to damage, fading colors, mold and damage caused by insects and pests, when compared to other types of fencing. As such, Arvada fencing contractors affirm that it’s important to employ the right solutions for maintaining your fence’s aesthetic and long term resilience for as long as possible.

Painting your wooden fence is one of the best solutions you can think of. However, regular paint will often fail to deliver the best results, so you have to think outside the box or buy a more expensive type of paint.

Sealing or sizing your wooden fence will usually be the best course of action, as it can not only keep your paint from fading for a longer time, but also prevent rotting or warping. To seal your wooden surfaces efficiently, you have to understand the difference between a primer and a sealant. While primers are merely the foundation layer that ensures proper paint adhesion, sealers protect the underlying material as well – which, in this case, is wood.

An easy solution is to use a special type of wax to seal acrylic paint on wood and have it last longer. The application of even a smaller amount of wax can be very effective in ensuring that your wooden fence can last longer without being prone to  the dangers of discoloration.