What Are the Sturdiest Types of Wood You Can Use for Fencing?

In choosing the right type of wood for your new fence, it is essential to consider a number of factors to determine which wood to use. First, what is your budget and how much can you afford to spend? Second, is your area ripe with pests and insects, and is the weather typically stable or does it change a lot?

Arvada fencing

Depending on the factors involved, you can choose one of a variety of resilient and dependable types of wood for quality wooden Arvada fencing solutions:

  • Cedar is a more expensive option, but also probably the most popular one. A cedar fence will be low-maintenance, pleasant to look at and featuring a desirable smell (as well as natural insect-repelling compounds).
  • If you want something a little more affordable, you can choose cypress. This wood is more potent against insects, and has fewer knots.
  • Redwood is longer lasting, though similarly priced to cedar. It is typically more appealing due to its unique appearance.
  • If you’re looking for cheaper options, you can always choose pine. This type of wood is relatively affordable, and the fact that it’s soft makes it easy to work with. Its resilience, ability to resist shrinkage and impressive longevity also makes pine one of the best materials currently used for fencing.