Advantages of Arvada Chain Link Fencing

Chain link Arvada fencing is a durable, cost effective and practical type of fencing. It is relatively cheaper than other types, which make it a popular choice for homeowners, especially that it has different uses and a long list of benefits:

  • Security – The first thing that can be observed at these fences is that they are available in different thicknesses. This is an advantage because, for example, livestock farms need a thicker fence to keep animals under control. Chain link fences are also manufactured in various sizes. They can be so high that neither man nor wild animals can get through it.
  • Stability – On the market, chain link fences are one of the most stable fence structures because they are made of steel.
  • It does not deteriorate easily – another thing that can be observed in this type of fence is that it is durable. It may mitigate a strong impact, without showing signs of deterioration. This type of fence can last a lifetime, with minimal maintenance and repairs.
  • Weather resistance – due to the fact that it is made of steel, chain link fence is resistant in any type of climate.

chain link Arvada fencing

When it comes to the disadvantages, we should mention that a chain link fence may rust, but this happens especially when it has not been properly installed. Another disadvantage of this type of fence is that it does not block the view or the noise.


How to Keep Your Pets Safe Outside

Any responsible pet owner wants to know that their little companions are safe even when they are outside in the garden.

General considerations for keeping pets safe outside

First, create a pet-friendly environment. Cats and dogs may get sick if they ingest certain chemicals and even plants. Make sure your lawn is pet-friendly and avoid insecticides and herbicides that may harm your pet. Nowadays, there are many other safe and efficient solutions you can use. Also remove poisonous plants from your garden.

Your garage should not be accessible to your pets, especially if you keep there all sorts of tools that may pose cutting hazards.  Other things like barbecue briquettes and antifreeze can also be lethal to your pet, if ingested.

protect pets by looking for pet friendly Arvada fencing solutions

Finally yet importantly, you must have a good fencing around your property, which doesn’t allow pets to escape so easily. To ensure the safety of your pets, look for pet friendly Arvada fencing solutions. The fence must be checked periodically to ensure that wear and tear did not allow the apparition of escape routes.

Also, make sure you do not have shrubs near the fence, which could make the escape easier for your pet, and also that the fence has a smooth surface, without sharp edges or fragments that could hurt the animal.

Things to Consider Before Repainting Your Fence

If you want your fence to have a long lifespan, it must be protected. The biggest enemy of wood is moisture, so this type of fence has to be treated to withstand the weather. The paint layer works as a protective coating against moisture, sun and pest infestation.

You can use special varnish, glaze or paint on your fence, but you must choose products specially created to be used outdoors because otherwise they will not protect the wood properly.

To prepare the fence, start by cleaning the area around it. After you finish, cover the ground with a protective foil to avoid damaging the grass with leaking paint. Inspect the fence and do the necessary repairs, such as replacing nails or cracked boards. After you finish, you must use a piece of sandpaper to clean the surface of the fence from traces of old paint; the smoother the surface of the wood, the easier and efficient the painting.

metal Arvada fencing

As for metal Arvada fencing, if you are wondering if you need a special paint, the answer is YES! There are paints specifically created for surfaces such as your iron fence, which means they provide the adequate cover and protection. In some cases it is not necessary to apply a primer before painting, because there are paints with anti-corrosive properties, which inhibit rust and prevent its appearance, without help from an additional product.

How Do You Really Know When It’s Time to Invest in a Brand New Fence?

Fencing work is important whether you just moved to a new home or you had your home for a long time. When it comes to deciding on when it’s time to invest in a new fence, however, you’ll find that your choices can differ depending on what you need precisely:

  • Your old fence might need a lot of repairs. This is a sure sign that you should consider a new fence, since the repairs you make will just cost more and more, to the point that they just won’t be profitable anymore. Under these circumstances, installing new Arvada fencing might become your only option very soon.
  • Another case when a new fence might be required is when you need a new upgrade. For example, if your old fence is somewhat flimsy and you want to boost your home’s safety and security, installing a new fence made from a more durable and resilient material should be done immediately.

Aravada privacy fencing

  • You might also need a new fence to adjust how well it tackles your privacy. If you want to live a more private life and not always worry about your neighbors peeking into your back yard, you might need to get rid of your old transparent or picket fence, and get a new one that doesn’t let anyone see what’s on your property.

Most Effective Methods of Cleaning A Fence

Arvada fencing

Keeping your fence clean is a requirement that has a practical as well as an aesthetic side and is essential for the health and the visual appeal as well. Here is how to do it efficiently:

  • If your fence is covered in stubborn dirt, apply a generous quantity of water on it to soak the grime and make it easier to remove;
  • Fill a bucket with water, get a sponge that has an abrasive surface, inspect the fence inch by inch and scrub off any dirt spots that you find;
  • Use a mix of water and a mild detergent to wash the fence components again – the dirt that gathers on fences is unsightly, but usually not very stubborn, so you don’t need a very harsh chemical for the process;
  • Rinse the fence and let it dry – you can use a garden hose;
  • Apply suitable protection – Arvada fencing professionals suggest that when the fence is clean and dry, it is time for the protective coating. Get a product that is suitable for your fence material and apply it to help your fence stand up to the elements more efficiently. If the fence has an old coat of paint that is damaged or warping, remove the old layer and wash the bare material before you apply the coating.

Deciding on the Right Spacing for Your New Fence

The distance between your fence posts is just as important for the proper fence design as the material or the style that you choose for your fence. Here is how to determine the most suitable fence spacing:

  • The general rule – most fences use spacing of 8-12 feet between the posts, but the correct spacing depends on the type of fence, the purpose it serves, the composition of the ground and the climate conditions. Fences made from high tensile strength materials can be built leaving more distance between posts, while the fences located in harsh climate areas need posts placed closer to each other;
  • Terrain and weather conditions – the quality of the soil will also determine Arvada fencing post spacing. Fencing installed into loose soil may need posts spaced more tightly to prevent exposing the fence to too much stress. Fences located in windy and stormy regions also need tighter spacing to be able to face the harsh weather;
  • Fence style – the style of your fence will also influence the spacing. Designs that feature horizontally mounted components between the posts are more stable, therefore they can be built with larger spacing. There are fence designs, such as picket fences, that look better if the space between the posts is tighter.

Arvada fencing

Why Your Fence Might be Leaning

Functional Arvada fencing is very important because it is designed to maintain privacy, keep children or animal contained thus safe and it also adds to the overall aspect of the house.

However, regardless the materials they are made from, fences may have different problems. One of them is when they start to lean, which negatively affects their aspect and even make them potentially dangerous to children or pets playing nearby.

Arvada fencing repair

If you have a leaning fence, you have a problem that needs to be repaired.


What is the cause behind this problem?

  • Poor installation

Sometimes the post holes are not dug deep enough to balance the height of the fence, which causes leaning

  • Rotten fence posts

A wood fence cannot withstand forever the exposure to soil, and posts may rot or break over time, weakening the fence.

  • Damage caused by weather

Heavy rain, strong wind as well as snow accumulation also take their toll, causing the fence to become loose and lean.

How to fix a loose fence

A loose fence can be repaired by Arvada fencing repair specialists in most of the cases. The repairs will depend on what is causing the fence to lean and may include replacing fence boards, bolster existing rails, removing leaning posts etc.


Why Fences Are Great for Residential Properties

The best way to make your residential property your very own is to install a suitably sized and designed fence around it. Having an attractive fence that provides your household adequate protection comes with lots of benefits – here are some:

  • Curb appeal – a fence that is in harmony with the style of your building and integrates into your landscape as well will impress your visitors and delight your eyes when you look at it;
  • Safety and security – residential fences protect your home, your household assets and your landscape from intruders, such as burglars as well as against vandalism;

installing privacy Arvada fencing

  • Privacy – you probably want to be sure that on your property you can have the privacy that you need to feel comfortable. The best way to achieve that privacy is by installing Arvada fencing made from the right materials and of the right height around your property;
  • Increased value – a solid and attractive fence around your residential property can make your property more attractive for potential buyers and it can also ensure that you can ask a higher price for the property;
  • Defining property limits – delimiting your property is essential for your life as a homeowner and your residential fence is the ultimate tool to achieve that delimitation.

Fun Yard Games to Play This Summer



The summer is for spending time outdoors and time spent outdoors is for playing games – here are some of the funniest games that you will want to play all summer long:

  • The lawn twister – you can use some eco-friendly paint and stencils to draw the circles on your lawn or, if you don’t want to paint your lawn, you can use an old twister set or a game board. Whichever your choice, you and the members of your family or your friends joining the game will love twisting their bodies on the soft lawn;
  • Dodgeball with water-filled balloons – this is the perfect game for really hot summer days, when the water on your clothes can dry in a matter of minutes. Playing dodgeball with balloons that have water inside will refresh and entertain everyone, just throw that balloon;
  • Lawn darts made from soft, spongy material – lawn darts used to be popular decades ago, but then so many people got injured that the game was withdrawn. It is now back in a safe version, without any pointed or sharp edges, made from safe and soft material, giving you all the fun without posing any dangers for the players or for the people standing around the players.

However you choose to spend your time this summer, the experts at Arvada fencing wish you a safe, relaxing, and happy summer!

Tips for Creating Innovative Fence Designs

Arvada fencing

Creating the fence design that provides the right level of protection for your property and works with your building as well as with your landscape is essential for the harmony that you need with your home. Fortunately, you can choose not only to have a traditional fence – there are lots of innovative design ideas by Arvada fencing pros that can make your fence stand out, while also adding functionality. Here are some tips for you:

Arvada fencing

  • Use horizontal slats instead of vertically positioned planks – this approach will allow you to save on material costs and to create a fence that is functional and stylish in a minimalist sort of way. You can add even more class to your fence using contrasting colors for the slats and for the posts, the combination of black and white looks stunning;
  • Vertical timbers – thick, chunky timber pieces installed at a small distance from each other, without any horizontal components is a great way to create a fence that is rustic and contemporary at the same time;
  • Combine two materials – natural-colored wood components alternated with etched metal elements or brick elements combined with aluminum also look great, especially if you add some colors, too;
  • A bamboo fence – bamboo is a strong and versatile material, just perfect for organic fences that also feature a dramatic look.