Vinyl Fencing: A Maintenance-Free Option for Your Arvada Home

If you want a modern material for the fence of your Arvada home, you can confidently consider a vinyl fence. It is a modern construction material, lightweight and resistant. We are in the age of unprecedented technological development, so it is wise to reap the benefits of new technologies and materials.

Why is polyvinyl chloride a suitable material for the construction of a fence?

For several decades, the field of construction has been majorly influenced by this relatively new material. We find vinyl in many types of products: heat-insulating joinery (profiles for windows and doors), piping for plumbing, elastic flooring, rainwater systems, decking, waterproofing for the roof or foundations, fences and outdoor furniture, paneling and siding elements, etc.

Polyvinyl chloride is a synthesis of sodium chloride with petroleum through controlled chemical processes and chain polymerization. It is produced in two forms:

  • flexible – used as an electrical wire insulator, rubber replacement, etc.
  • rigid – used as a construction material, including for fences.

This material is suitable for Arvada fencing construction, because it is:

Noncorrosive: Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to almost all kind of chemical corrosion

Hydro resistance: Polyvinyl chloride does not rot nor it allows mold formation

Fire retardant: Polyvinyl chloride contains a significant percentage of chlorine, which reduces oxygen absorption. This materials swells and melts in the fire, instead of burning with flame

Lightweight: Polyvinyl chloride is up to 3 times lighter than wood and 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete.